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version 0.2 28/01/2003
version 0.1.1 16/01/2003
version 0.1

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08.01.2003 some words about TuxArcade project.

Some months ago ended mine arcade, I have tried a Mame frontend for Linux unfortunately I've not found programs that made what I wanted. So TuxArcade was born.

The main features are:
  • designed for arcade cabinet, so no need keyboard/mouse ...it's completly configurable via joystick
  • multi emulator front end
  • game image preview
  • preferred game list and game type/num of player
  • theme support
  • install/remove roms
  • Sound effect and Background(wav/mp3)

  • You can Download the devel version here.

    If you want to post comments or help me in this project you can subscribe to the tuxarcade-devel mailinglist.

    If you have feature requests, bug reports or patches you can post them using the Tracking system.

    Other frontends for Arcade are:
  • AvancedMenu (part of AdvanceMame Projects) [Linux/Win32]
  • ArcadeOS [Win32 only]
  • LAzarus [Win32 only]
  • Game Launcher [Win32 only]
  • ArcadeFX (thanks to matt)

  • Other interesting project are:
  • Digital Jukebox, designed for arcade cab [win32]

  • 28.01.2003 Released version 0.2
    * setup menu was reorganized 
    * some buttons of the console are now bindable with preferred
    * performance improved when  build rom list.
    * added 'reConfigure keys' on setup
    * added 'configure volume' on setup 
    * added 'about' on setup :P
    * better themable support
    * fix crash on game execution if it's launced with fullscreen
    * fix save key at first execution
    * fix remove roms didn't work
    * removed all back tricks from code
    * minor bugfix
    BTW graphic interface are still ungly and setup window is not according with the rest of the theme, any designer out there who want to conribute ?

    TuxArcade Last Update: mar gen 28 00:42:09 CET 2003